Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Potter's Block... It's a Thing

In the past few weeks I've been feeling the pressure that goes with getting ready for the show/sales that precede the gift-giving season. What do people want? What do people need?

The things I want in my life have changed. Maybe it's age, or a growing global consciousness that relates to our current social and environmental predicament. "Stuff" has become repulsive. It takes up space. It can even feel oppressive. Our "stuff" has become excessive... yet we can't seem to stop getting more. Walmart and Winners is full of whole sets of beautiful and even funky dish sets for $20. So for me, the potter, the idea of making more stuff can sometimes feel WRONG.

My potter-self is extremely conflicted.

I've shared this inner-conflict with some of my artist friends. It's a surprisingly common problem, at least among my peers. Maybe it's contagious. But in all seriousness, in this era of "austerity" art can seem extremely superfluous, not just in the buying but also in the making. Who knew?

Do people really need or want my artisanal products? Or, are they a burden?

If they do need (or want) them, WHAT do they need or want? Is it a mug to be cherished. "Your" mug. The one you reach for in the morning to savour the first steaming cup of java on a cold winter morning. The one you curl up with, cradled in your hand, resting against your belly for the extra warmth as you sink into a good book in the evening?

a requested bowl


A piece of sculptural wall art that makes you smile each time you pass it in the hall. A piece so whimsical and outrageous that no matter your mood, you can't ignore it's ability to bring a smile to your face and embrace the ridiculousness of this life.

Song "Art" by Tanya Davis (definitely worth the listen!!)

This post has no conclusion.  It's an ongoing debate that I struggle with each time I enter the studio. What I do know, beyond the shadow of any doubt, is that whether "stuff" is produced or not the act of being creative is absolutely essential to our existence. It should be encouraged in all its manifestations. This is especially so in times of economic austerity and impending environmental catastrophes.

(to be continued...)

Friday, August 16, 2013

Back to School!

Hand-built platter
What is it about those cool mornings in August that set your mind to thoughts of school?
Or is it just me?

With August fading away too quickly, I'm getting ready for the line-up of fall classes and workshops.
There are four classes for Introductory pottery. Each is a 6 week session. I've also announced a few hand-building workshops - two sessions for making hand-built mugs and one on making a platter (in time for Thanksgiving dinner no less!).

These classes are small and intimate and not at all intimidating. All the Fall classes will be taking place in the log cabin.

See the "Classes" tab above for more details. Contact me to register.

hand-built mugs

Sunday, July 21, 2013

Crunch Time

In less than one week I'll be set-up for Art Festival Wolfville. I only do a few select show/sales during the year, so it's a lot of pressure. But then again, setting up a booth and moving a ton of pottery is a lot of work too and it takes a younger body and soul to do it on a weekly basis. 

So... For the first and only time this summer you'll find me set up at Luckett Vineyards on Saturday, July 27th. The view is stunning. SERIOUSLY STUNNING! There will be music and food and lots of art. Bring some money. Support the artists. Take home some unique pieces made by people in your community.  

I've added some photos to my gallery page of new work that you'll find at my booth. (Check it out. Leave a comment and let me know what you think.) 

I hope you're able to make it out to the event. 

Large bowl in the new turquoise and cream glaze combination.

Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Some Rockin' 1st Pots!

If you're following me on facebook, you've probably already seen these. If not, I think you're going to be impressed. I know I was. These are photos of the first pots made and glazed by participants in my intro-pottery classes.

I'm so impressed and a wee bit proud.

Sunday, February 17, 2013

Introductory Pottery Classes (with the pottery wheel!)

I have offered workshops in the past. They have always been hand-building projects.
But so many of you have asked me about classes with the wheel.

Up until now I have only been able to offer these one-on-one...  but I'm excited to announce that I have some more wheels.  Introductory classes in throwing are winding up for the summer months.
New classes start up again in September.

Four classes to choose from:
Monday evening 6 - 9 pm
Tuesday morning 9 am - noon
Wednesday afternoon 1- 4 pm
Wednesday evening 6 - 9 pm

6 weeks sessions - $220 (includes clay, glaze and firing)

If you'd like more information or to sign up for a class send me an email or a message through facebook.

 *Fall Schedule *

Starting in September classes will run for 6 weekly sessions. $220.
During the 6 week period there will be 4 sessions of instruction on the wheel, one session of hand-building and a session for glazing.

(Note: Anyone registered in both sessions may continue with wheel work throughout the period if they prefer).

Fall Session #1 (September-October)
Start the week of September 9th.    (Note: no classes on holidays)

Fall Session #2 (October-December)
Monday evening sessions start October 28th
All other classes start the week of October 22nd.

Please Note! Class size is limited. So, please book early to get into the class that suits your schedule best. You can sign up for classes by sending me an email or a message through facebook or by calling (902) 542-1213.