Friday, January 31, 2014

Spring... into a Pottery Class

Corny title. Yes. Sorry!!!

I could wax on about all the benefits of taking up pottery. There are lots of studies in art therapy that show the social, emotional, mental and physical benefits. Arthritic hands may respond really well to the warm water and gentle work-out that helps with circulation and movement. Your mind that's been turning over those zillion things may finally quiet down under the hypnotic movement of the clay on the spinning wheel. Classes usually get a bit silly too, so expect to laugh (truly the best medicine).

If you envision your cupboards filled with hand-made pottery with warm runny glazes, oozing the kind of karma that only comes from items made by hand and with affection, then pottery may be for you! It's certainly what drew me in. 

From early spring through to the start of winter I offer classes in introductory & intermediate pottery. The classes are small and intimate. The people who come are always lovely and more often than not end up as friends if they weren't before. The space is a little log cabin, nestled on the south mountain near Wolfville, Nova Scotia (~8km from downtown) and just up the hill from the little hamlet of Gaspereau. The studio isn't large, but it's well equipped with wheels and work tables, lots of glazes and other goodies. The mood is always relaxed. There is usually some mellow singer-songwriter music playing in the background. If it's cold out, there's probably a fire in the wood stove to keep us warm. If this appeals to you, you're invited to join me. 

Spring 2014 Schedule

Introductory pottery classes

Classes are weekly on Monday evenings from 6-9 pm starting March 31st. *
Demonstration & instruction in both thrown pottery and hand-building are offered in this 6 week class.

During this session you will learn all the basics of creating pieces on a potter's wheel. Over the course of four weeks you will get to make bowls and mugs. The 5th week is an opportunity to finish up your pieces and learn hand-building techniques. In the final week you will learn how to glaze all your pieces. 

$215 (supplies, 10 lbs clay, glaze and firings included)

Limited space. 

Intermediate pottery classes
Two options: Classes are weekly on Sunday evenings 6-9 pm starting March 30th or Monday afternoons 1-4 pm starting March 31st. *
$215 (supplies, 10 lbs clay, glazes and firings included).

$215 (supplies, 10 lbs clay, glazes and firings included).
Limited space.

Beyond bowls: four weeks on the wheel working on more advanced shapes and perfecting the ones you already know, one week of soft-slab construction.  Finishing up with a marathon of glazing all these creations. If you can wedge clay and centre it on the wheel, know what bisqueware is and also that glaze is not paint... this class is for you!!

* no classes on Easter weekend
* dare I even say... "storm make-up" scheduled for May 25th

How To Register

Please contact me directly to register. You can reach me by email. Phone: 902.542.1213 or message me on Facebook.

To stay current on classes, workshops, shows, sales and other things I might be up to, please visit my Facebook page. 

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