Saturday, February 22, 2014

Scope for Growth and Adversity

In my last post I got a little whiny (maybe even a lot)... feeling pretty overwhelmed with the work that's required to be a professional artist-artisan. For the most part I stand behind my previous comments, but I would be an ass if I didn't acknowledge that throughout all the trials and tribulations of this journey (that nobody forced me to take) there are a LOT of amazingly kind and generous people. These people offer all sorts of support, knowledge, advice and assistance. They hold me up when I need it and they'll even pick me up when I'm already down.  They do it all from the goodness of their heart and the kindness of their being. It's really inspiring.

Thank you!

"Thank you" seems insufficient.

In my feeble attempt to offer something back here, I realized that this is a recurring theme in life. This scope for growth and adversity. Several years ago I created this piece (below) that I knew would be the first in a life-long series on this theme.

Scope for Growth and Adversity  - 2011

This is the kind of piece that kids love. You get to interact with it. You have to interact with it or you will miss a major component of what it's all about.

Are you inclined to look inside? I hope so. 

If you ask me what it is, I will be hopeless inarticulate about it. I'm still discovering the answer. 

Inside there is a vaguely humanoid figure. Folded in a not-exactly fetal shape. Is it trapped in there? Is it developing? Is this an adverse environment? Or one that offers scope for growth?

There's no right answer. Where am I on this continuum? What is this experience to me? Can I change my experience? 

There are two ways to look into this piece I created. From the scope on the side (seen in the photo above) and also from a hole in the top. Either way you need to illuminate the interior some how, but you will only ever have the two perspectives.

figure inside

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