Thursday, February 4, 2016


Do you have a spot to deposit your wishes, your best intentions, notes of gratitude? If you did, what would it look like?

This started out as a project with a very definite purpose and the associated constraints that come with that. I like constraints because they flex the creative muscles. I think a lot of people believe that it works the other way; that you need to have freedom and lots of choice. But really, too much choice, too many possibilities is debilitating. Constraints give you something to flex against. Try pushing against the air. Now a wall. See what I mean? 

I've been working on this creature since August when the project was suggested. It started with some pretty crude sketches and took some thinking to come up with a suitable plan to achieve some of the functional requirements. I sculpted it over several weeks, with some, no, lots of trial and error and at least two fresh starts. The next three months were spent drying slowing to prevent it from cracking apart as it dried. Periodically peaking beneath the layers of plastic to see it was showing signs of stress from drying too quickly in spots. 

Around Christmastime it was finally, delicately (dry raw clay is such an incredibly fragile thing) and awkwardly loaded into the kiln taking up almost all of the 7 cubic feet interior during the bisque firing. 

Loaded in the kiln for the bisque firing
Since the final glaze firing it has shrunk down to a reasonably manageable ~17" x ~18" sculpture, but it's still a commanding presence and trust me when I say you wouldn't want to carry it around with you.

Depending on where it ends up there may be some additional details added, but I wouldn't want to ruin all the surprises. 

I've really enjoyed this project! It's been making me wonder if I should keep making mugs...

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